The Insulation Panama City Team

Over 30 Years of Experience

Mike Vickers Owner

Mike Vickers has a strong background in business ownership. Growing up, his family owned a business in Panama City Beach for over 60 years. He was able to learn and grow with that business his entire life. Mike had the opportunity to learn about spray foam and he fell in love with the results it can bring to your home. Mike knew there was a need in Florida and decided it was time to move his family back here to start his own company. This was the start of Insulation Panama City.

Nichole Vickers Owner

Nichole Vickers has had an extensive career in retail and customer service with over 12 years in management. When the decision was made to start Insulation Panama City, Nichole retired from retail to help Mike run the company. She took over the office and all clerical duties to let Mike focus on helping customers and running the installation crews. They have become an amazing team that works hand in hand to offer an amazing product to the area. In her off time, Nichole enjoys reading and snuggling with the family cats, but above all is living her dream of being a partner with her husband.


Anthony Israel Lead Supervisor / Partner

Anthony Israel has been in the spray foam industry for almost 20 years. He has had the privilege to train with some of the best teachers from leading manufacturers and distributors throughout the country. He takes pride in continuing his education through classes and staying up to date with new technology year-round. We made Anthony a partner to show appreciation for all he has done to grow this company. Anthony and his wife Julia are transplants from Alabama who moved their family to build this dream. They have three children who love the outdoors and have been able to experience everything from fishing and mudding, to biking and hiking.

Sherrie Robertson Executive Assistant

Sherrie Robertson joined the team in the winter of 2020 as the Administrative Assistant to Mike Vickers. She has worked in office management, bookkeeping, and assisting for over 20 years and has been a great asset to the company. Sherrie handles all the incoming calls for the company, managing the customer information and assigning each call to the appropriate salesperson. Sherrie’s ability to handle the customer service has freed up the owners to focus more on scheduling and operations without having to worry about whether or not our customers are being taken care of in a timely manner.

Tabitha Speed Customer Service

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Tabitha Speed joined the Insulation Panama City family in the Winter of 2022. She is the Executive Assistant to Nichole Vickers and became an asset as soon as she joined the team. Tabitha has years of experience with customer service and record keeping and was able to bring better organizational skills to the office team. She has enjoyed learning more about the construction industry and the benefits of spray foam insulation in homes and buildings. When she is not at work, Tabitha is also an avid reader with a personal library of almost 100 books and she really loves having extra time now to spend with both sides of her family.

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith and Mike have known each other for almost 20 years. Tommy worked with Mike at a large spray foam company in Alabama and when Mike decided to move to Florida and do spray foam insulation after hurricane Michael, Tommy wanted to join him and help build another company. Tommy has almost 10 years of experience with spray foam insulation and was able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. He has a passion to see everyone able to enjoy the benefits of having spray foam installed in their homes, business, and projects.

Reydel Mendoza

Reydel Mendoza has worked in the fabrication industry for years and the opportunity came for him to join the Insulation Panama City team in the summer of 2022. He works with the installation team prepping the buildings and making sure everything is ready for installation. He has excelled and learned how to install the spray foam insulation allowing for more growth within the company. He will then learn to lead his own team to bring even more insulation to families and contractors in our area. Reydel has a bright future with the company, and we look forward to seeing what he accomplishes.

Yosvany Hernandez

Yosvany Hernandez worked for years as a telecommunications engineer before relocating to Florida. He has known Reydel for a while now and was invited to join the team and learn about spray foam insulation. He was able to catch on pretty fast and has really enjoyed learning a new trade. Yosvany is utilized as a helper to the sprayers, getting the job site ready for installation and helping with the clean-up. He will work his way up to learning the installation process as well to continue to grow within the company.

Drew Blewitt

Drew Blewitt joined the company in 2022, but he is not new to the insulation trade. He has worked in every facet of the insulation industry for the last eight years. He specializes in providing takeoffs for residential, commercial, and industrial projects of all sizes. Most importantly, he provides first class customer service which makes the entire experience easier and more enjoyable for all parties involved. Drew has brought a wealth of new knowledge to the company and assisted with keeping up with the industry standards. When not working, Drew loves to sit on his dock with a fishing pole in his hand.

Joe Foley

Joe Foley moved from Prattville Alabama to work with Insulation Panama City in the winter of 2021. He has almost 18 years’ experience in the textiles and materials processing industry and decided on a change. Joe was a fast learner when it came to the benefits of spray foam and has really been an asset to the company being able to reach clients farther west and bringing the Insulation Panama City name with him. Joe has been married for 37 years and loves spending time at the beach with his wife. He is a US Navy Veteran and is greatly appreciated for his service.

Scott Pennington

Scott Pennington and Mike have been friends for 30 years. Scott has made many connections with contractors over the years and has been able to bring those connections to Insulation Panama City. When he learned we had started our own company, he was excited to join the team and help grow this business. He has been an asset to our growth, and we look forward to what he continues to bring to the company. Scott has 2 children that he is able to spend more time with since having a more flexible schedule. They love having beach adventures and getting to spend more time with dad.